Running is a super great thing for a human kind. It's no news that running is the best overall body exercise. Over the years,countless of studies have shown that apart from just keeping one physically fit, running reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Running boost your immune system. Its healthier for the heart, hence reduce the risks of heart attack, high blood pressure , and strokes. You just got to love running, "the common denominator of all sports"

Why Should you join WCRC?

Its always a bit challenging starting something new. For beginner runners, the decision of joining a running club might be intimidating.The WCRC surely not elitist. It caters for everyone, from a competitive runner to a recreational walker. So,no need of fearing being left behind on group runs or, worry much of being slow, or feel like a no bona fide runner.

Some of myriand of ways why you should lace up your kicks and join the WCRC:

1. Structured program

Wether aiming for your first 5kays, Ultra Marathon or simply having an eye on that Pb, the club is of your assistance to achieve just that. Fellow runners will also be on  your side, to coach and motivate whenever possible.

2. Extra Motivation

It requires a motivated heart to start, and it will require an extra motivated one to keep you going. With club's regular meetings and the fact that your fellow runners will be there, will keep you focus even on days you think you don't have it. Your workout is more fulfilling when alongside others.

3. Discounted fees

As a WCRC member, You will always enjoy the discounted fees at all  our events.

4. Time management

Our fixed regular meetings will enable you to plan  well in advance, and training easily becoming your weekly routine. You will also learn from fellow runners on how they manage their time.

5. Camaraderie

You will be able to progress along with other fellow members and look back together on your achievements.Its exciting when comparing and sharing those times and stats. Finding the best local physios, best Apps, gadgets etc. also made easier from fellow runners.

6. Race as a group

Running will not only getting you seeing your local areas and stumble in those other delights, but will also allow you to travel and see places. Its not only cost effective when traveling in a group, but also memorable.Its just super great creating those real-life documentaries. you will also never forget the awesomeness of the spirit on race day.

7.Staying fit

It is a general  assumption especially from our sedentary friends, that running is only for losing weight. Yes, its no doubt that pounding pavements is very much effective in cutting off those kilos. Most of runners will tell you that, all they want is to go about their daily businesses without a hussle. From taking stairs at office, or shopping mall. Tieying their shoe laces without feeling like passing out. Playing with kids in the park. To, improving the complexion of their skin...... Just stay fit.

8. Confidence

Starting out running is a mind game at some point. Some people might find it difficult to start, or quitting just few days in. They assume they will be pointed and laughed at as they taking on the streets. The club will quickly assist you discover that nobody actually cares. In fact , you are admired.


Running is a society. A society of very social-able people. Friendships are made at club meetings and other meetings/races. Most runners love traveling, so your next trip outside town/country might just be an easy one and full of memories.


Opportunity to inspire the world

One word is super enough, to inspire millions of people around the globe. Through the club website, you are able to share your running journey by a blog or Testimony (few paragraphs). You don't need to be a writer, just communicate with club committee.


Set your fitness goals as high as possible, and go proudly after them.

You may download the Membership form  here.