Magnesium - Why every runner must talk about it.

Last updated 29-Aug-2019

Windhoek City runners Club, is a club that was  found by avid runners. Their beginnings and their journeys might humble you though. Some have witnessed before themselves their 100kg bellies turning into 'six muscle panels' in a reasonable period of time. Their cumulative mileages have gone rounds the globe. In laboratories, its experiment. On tracks and roads, its experience.

Well, lets talk about magnesium. Medicine has describe it as "A mineral involved in many processes in the body including nerve signaling, the building of healthy bones, and normal muscle contractions".

It is believed to be involved in about 350 biochemical reactions in our body. So imperative it seems.  So,as a runner, what will happen if one has magnesium deficiency? How do one replenish?

Running Competitors Magazine got some answers for us