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NB: By registering for an account, the system will allocate you with a  Race Number. This doesn't mean you are a WCRC member, its just to make your participation at our events easy and simple.  You will also be able to record and  track your progress, for both WCRC events and Non-WCRC events. We welcome all runners, from all over the world.


  1. If you already have an account, Click on login to  register for an event or simply accessing your profile account.

  2. If no account yet, Click on register and complete the form. Remember to go further to "My Account", and update all Athletic Details.                                                                                                          



My Account: 

  1. You are able to update, or amend your Athletic details".

  2. You can change your password whenever need be.

  3. Upload your profile picture.

  4. Drop a suggestion, in the suggestion box.

my account


Athletic Details:

  1. When logged in, under "MY Account", always keep your details up to date. This will assist the WCRC team to always have your latest details at all time, in case of emergencies or other communication purposes.                                                                                                    

athlete detail


Event Calendar: 

  1. Under EVENTS, click on WCRC EVENTS,for all confirmed lined up Windhoek City Runners Club's events.

  2. Other national and international events, click on Upcoming Races.



Register button:

  1. Simply click on the register button, to register for an event.

  2.  You may share the event on social media platforms.

  3. You may also leave a pre or post public comment.

  4. You can always change your preffered distance before the registration due date, under "My Races"" see below.



My race:

a). WCRC Races = All Windhoek City Runners Club  races, including Saturday long runs.

  1. Amend/change the distance you initially registered for.

  2. Submit/Capture your time (e.g own timing_saturday long runs).

  3. Track your accummulated distance and time to date.

b) Non-WCRC Races = Any other event you have participated, other than those orginised by WCRC. 

  1. Record the event and time.

  2. You may also record your training of importance.

  3. Track your accummulated distance and time.

           my races



Accumulated Races:

1.This is the summary of all your races/runs, in distance (km) and time to date.





  1. Avoid cash payments at events, by doing a pre-payment directly into the club's bank account.

  2.  Forward your proof of payment to club admin (details on your FitPocket).

  3. Club admin will credit your FitPocket accordingly. Keep_safe proof of payment till your payment is reflecting on your Pocket.

  4. An amount will be directly debited to your account, each time you register (online) for an event.

  5. All FitPocket activities will be visible to you, hence enquire for any discrepancy.

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  • geraldo
    1 year ago

    Good job, Awesome platform, Great tool, Great RUNNING HUB, the FitPocket!!! Is a nice tool, i managed to get refund of NAD10 into my FitPocket