Why a must, strengthening your core

Last updated 29-Aug-2019

At Windhoek City Runners Club, we value much of a structured training. So much good reasoning is behind; why we meet for Wednesdays for time trials, Thursdays for either hills or track workouts, and Saturdays for long runs. It prune you for both strength, speed, and endurance. A simple structure, and yet superb enough to prepare you finish your next Ultra marathon.

Training is a crucial aspect of almost every physical activity we do in life. At whatever we would love to excel, we have to invest our preciuos time in doing some processes over and over again, till we master them. Otherwise, we in for failing. Running is no exception. Hours must be invested, not only in physicaly, but mentaly too. They say whatever the mind can do, the body can do. So, mind must be the first priority.

Most runners, especialy social runners undermine the power of training and expect better results. They expect to get out more by putting in less effort.

Can one improve the overall speed, by simply improving strength and flexibility of the core muscles? As the name says it all (core), these muscles do not only hold and coordinate the lower and upper body together, but also promote easy flow of blood to and from both lower and upper body.

At the end of the click of this link, lies a faster you.

Enjoy it, and remember to humble yourself. Running is greater than oneself.Thanks to Runnersworld Magazine.