Erastus K. Pinehas


Contact number: +264 81 272 0225 Email:

Embended by a conservative and ethically oriented home, Mr Erastus is an ambitious, optimistic, and results driven person. He is not only passionate about running, but with fitness and sport in general. He hails from Otshakati Tsha Pinehas-Omusimboti, Oshana region.

His message:

Firstly, to the young and old. Note that even the unborn are counting on us. For a great reap tomorrow, lets plant great seeds today. Secondly,Afrika is not only greatly rich in mineral resources, but also greatly rich in human talents. I strongly believe that Afrika got a huge role to play in sport and, it can only begin with you and me.

Lastly, Whether in sport or any other course you pursuing, remember that "Unique is your finger prints. So is your purpose". At any given point, never underestimate youself. Go proudly, and confidently in the direction of your dream. Never, ever give up!!

For this is our planet, for this is our continent and, for this is our Country.